[techtalk] multibooting vs. VMWare?

Robert robert at robert.cz
Mon Nov 8 19:25:25 EST 1999

srl wrote:

> 2> get Partition Magic or similar and partition the drive like so:
> /hda1 win98 C: , minimal size (200MB? what's realistic here?)
> /hda2 winNT C: , for future use when I get around to it, 200MB

a) I spent whole day repartioning my 10GB disk with Partition
Magic with all sorts of funny errors before I discovered version 3
doesn't handle correctly over 8G. Make sure it's version 4 you got.

b) When installing big stuff, like a game, you may end up with 400MB
of temporary files and I'm afraid even if you install on D, tmp stuff
will be in c:\windows\tmp. I'd keep C at least 1G. Ditto for NT.

- Robert

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