[techtalk] dual boot NT/linux

K. Ziel zoop at scc.net
Tue Nov 9 07:34:56 EST 1999

When I tried to get back into NT, it gave me an error msg, something about the
paritition information.  I don't remember exactly what it was now...<sorry!>

I tried to recover, while maintaining my linux stuff, but I ended up having to
do a reinstall OVER the existing NT  and that's work, and since i wouldn't
format, it saved all my stuff....it was just a matter of redoing some things.

I apologize for this not sounding very techy oriented...perhaps it has just
been a while and I have blocked the majority of the experience out of my brain


On Mon, 08 Nov 1999, you wrote:
> > then added linux...it screwed up my NT partitions EVERYTIME...and believe
> What was the problem with NT partition?
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