[techtalk] Partitioning with fdisk

jenn at simegen.com jenn at simegen.com
Tue Nov 9 02:06:41 EST 1999

Darren Osadchuk wrote:
> If the reason I'm encountering this problem at start-up is
> because, after formatting the drive in Windows, Linux doesn't
> know the filesystem type, my follow-up question would be:
> how do I get past the error (which causes the boot to
> stop in its tracks) to be able to make the necessary change?

While using 'mount', declare the msdos file system type.

I think you mentioned using redhat - I'm using Debian, I can't
tell you the exact command, sorry.

To make it permanent, /etc/fstab holds the configuration
for your mount table - I think it's 'file system table' all
shortened up. :)
> I would prefer it if Linux could read the partition, since I was
> thinking of using that as a shared space for things like mp3s,
> etc. that I'd like to be able to access from both OSs.

That's fair. :)

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