[techtalk] linux router/firewall/keyboard-to-chair converter problems <g>

Vinnie Surmonde drachen at george.he.net
Mon Nov 8 13:04:05 EST 1999

okay, I have a linux box currently configured as a router (ip chains is
installed but set to accept everything) that will become a firewall (once 
I get the routing down), and while I can ping from inside
the firewall out, I cannot ping from outside the firewall in..I shouldn't
be doing any sort of IP masquerading, so I'm a bit lost right now...I've
done routers and firewalls before, but this is the first one I've done
with the 2.2.x series (yeah, really...I'm getting behind the times
here)...any ideas one what I"m missing (I'm pretty sure it's somethign
stupid at this point)


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