[techtalk] Journaling file system for linux.

Marie Fischer fmarie at eau.ee
Mon Nov 8 21:33:15 EST 1999

On Mon, 8 Nov 1999, TheCoder wrote:

> Has anyone tried installing the 2.2.13 kernel with the journaling
> ReiserFS?
> I will be attempting an install today with this modified kernel, and was
> wondering if anyone might have some gotchas / quirks to be aware of
> before I start...
We did it yesterday ... actually, patched the 2.2.14pre4 kernel that was
the only 2.2.* around. Then took an unused hard drive, fdisk - made an
ext2 partition, 'cause there was no better choice, ran mkreiserfs on it
and that was it. In the moment I'm just playing around with that
partition, haven't had any problems yet.

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