[techtalk] kmail issue...can't send ..ARG!--fixed!

Amanda Knox deleria at videotron.ca
Mon Nov 8 11:56:46 EST 1999

Kristin wrote:

>ouch!! you're killing me here!! :)
>Ok...after telling countless people to check their settings when they tell
>me they've got problems, I did not double check mine.  I don't know when,
>or most of all..WHY I would have changed my routing from my provider
><scc.net> to localhost....but apparently, I did.
>Perhaps since my comfort is not as great with linux as it was with windoze
>before I converted...oh, just blow that off.  I'm trying desperately to
>kristin--coming through the confession, and still able to maintain happy
>mail chick status

I, for one, think it's good that you can be honest about the cause. I know
so many people who won't admit when they make simple mistakes, and then turn
around and call others stupid when they see them make similar errors.

So thanks for being so honest; you may have very well helped someone else be
a little less worried about admitting their mistakes (including me!) :)

Amanda K.

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