[techtalk] swtiching rhat drives . . .

Naomi Hospodarsky naomi-hospodarsky at uiowa.edu
Mon Nov 8 11:24:29 EST 1999

Hi Walt,
There is a utility called "ghost" that is put out by symantec that you can 
use to copy your redhat partition from one drive to another. The thing is, 
since ghost doesn't  recognize non-dos partitions, (at least with version 
5.0 which we use) it will copy the whole thing block for block.
We use it in the office here all the time for moving things from one drive 
to another (i.e from a test machine into production)

At 10:00 AM 11/8/99 , you wrote:
>I have Windows NT installed on a 4.5 gb drive.
>I have RedHat 6.0 installed on a 9 gb drive.
>I need to switch the OS's on the drives :-)
>(i.e., winnt on the 9 and rhat on the 4.5)
>I have nothing special on the Windows NT machine, so
>I can format that drive. My RedHat box, on the other hand,
>I would like to preserve as is, as much as possible.
>Will I have to actually reinstall Linux onto the 4.5 gb
>drive or can I just copy everything over or something?
>If I have to install it, is there anyway to keep all my
>configuration settings?
>Thanks in advance,
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