[techtalk] swtiching rhat drives . . .

Walt pippin at mail.fred.net
Mon Nov 8 12:00:47 EST 1999

I have Windows NT installed on a 4.5 gb drive.
I have RedHat 6.0 installed on a 9 gb drive.

I need to switch the OS's on the drives :-)
(i.e., winnt on the 9 and rhat on the 4.5)

I have nothing special on the Windows NT machine, so
I can format that drive. My RedHat box, on the other hand,
I would like to preserve as is, as much as possible.

Will I have to actually reinstall Linux onto the 4.5 gb
drive or can I just copy everything over or something?

If I have to install it, is there anyway to keep all my 
configuration settings?

Thanks in advance,


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