[techtalk] XFree86 not working with Voodoo3 AGP

Cathy James cjames at opensite.com
Mon Nov 8 08:42:53 EST 1999

    I successfully put together my new system over the weekend.
Hooray!  There's just no comparison between a 486/66 w/40M RAM
and 1.5G disk space, and a K6-3-450 w/128M RAM and 13.5G
disk space. :-)
    However, there's still an unresolved issue.  OK, a couple of
unresolved issues. :-)  The big one is that X isn't working with
my video card.  I've tried tinkering with different settings, but
even in 640x480 mode, the resulting display is much bigger
than my screen, so I wind up looking at a tiny section of the
center of what the screen *should* look like.  I assume that
I need either a new driver for my Voodoo3 AGP, a new
XConfig, or both.  Could someone point me at these?
I know there's nothing wrong with the hardware because everything
works in Windows -- yes, it's a double-boot machine. :-(
    I'm running Caldera 2.2, which is a 2.2.5 kernel.  I ended
up going with a standard multisync monitor cable (RGBHV).
I'm not sure if the sound card (SoundBlaster 16 ISA PnP) is working
in Linux either.
    --Cathy James
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