[techtalk] kmail issue...and dangerous things:)

Steve Kudlak chromexa at ovis.net
Mon Nov 8 05:01:40 EST 1999

sara korhonen wrote:

> > I am afariad I'd fill pages and pages of stupid things I have done. :) Sounds
> > like I'd need an entitre mailing list just for that topic!!!
> >
> > Have Fun,
> > Sends Steve
> I've many times thought of writing a book about the subject, I'm a master of
> doing stupid things, which I mainly explain by the fact, that I've learned most
> of the things that I know from someone, not by myself, which leads to a
> situation, that I don't understand why somethings works as it does, but i know
> that if i do something, it works somehow. So then I do stupid things. But of
> course, people who learn everything by theirselves do also stupid mistakes while
> learning, but the difference is that I'm supposed to know something, because I
> know something else and always these doesn't match.
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> sara
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Maybe we should take this to grrltalk. But many times I have read the manual and
messed around and got it right too. Also gone off half-cocked too. Sometimes too
cautious (I attribute it to watercolor painting...You put a stroke down and it's
there unless you work around it). Not like GIMP whoops! Undo!

In a slightly more serious note. I'd love to know how different people learn. Me,
it's manual in one hand or on lap and cautiously trying things. Sometimes (not to be
done in in linux/unix) it's what does this do? No wonder my *.rc file all have alias
[command] command -i  and I really miss ITS "DO YOU REALLY WANT TO DO THIS?  "DO YOU
REALLY REALLY WANT TO DO THIS??" ANyway this is getting a bit too silly for
techtalk. Unless it spawns questions of: "When doing such and such a thing in in an
unknown and questionable environment how does one proceed?"  Out of not so idle
curiosity which linux do you use??

Have Fun,
Sends Steve
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