[techtalk] kmail issue...can't send ..ARG!--fixed!

sara korhonen ceres at intter.net
Mon Nov 8 11:13:16 EST 1999

> I am afariad I'd fill pages and pages of stupid things I have done. :) Sounds
> like I'd need an entitre mailing list just for that topic!!!
> Have Fun,
> Sends Steve

I've many times thought of writing a book about the subject, I'm a master of
doing stupid things, which I mainly explain by the fact, that I've learned most
of the things that I know from someone, not by myself, which leads to a 
situation, that I don't understand why somethings works as it does, but i know 
that if i do something, it works somehow. So then I do stupid things. But of 
course, people who learn everything by theirselves do also stupid mistakes while
learning, but the difference is that I'm supposed to know something, because I
know something else and always these doesn't match.


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