[techtalk] pppd problems, redhat 6.0

sara korhonen ceres at intter.net
Sun Nov 7 19:05:31 EST 1999

> THe annex server that UNC has prompts for username and password.  THen it
> gives the prompt UNC-CS-> at which you can type telnet, rlogin, ?, ppp,
> hangup, or a few other options.  Under minicom, it gets to the cs->
> prompt, so I type ppp, and it says "switching to ppp" then prints a long
> string of $*^&*@-type stuff.  When I use another dialer, it prints half a
> line of the stuff, then switches.  Minicom does that until it times out.

Haa, after there starts to come this crap, quite minicom, alt-q or esc-q and
(if pppd isn't set up to be suid, you must be root) say in a shell on your
computer: '/sbin/pppd /dev/modem defaultroute' and wait for like ten seconds.
That should make the connection.


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