[techtalk] pppd problems, redhat 6.0

Lighthouse Keeper in the Desert Sun ccovingt at one-eyed-alien.net
Sun Nov 7 08:37:39 EST 1999

On Nov 7, sara korhonen conjectured:

> > Ben suggests it may not even be reaching the modem.  Other programs do
> > reach it, so there probably isn't some glaring configuration error...
> > it's the ones that aren't obvious that get you...
> i use minicom mostly to connect to internet via my modem (i like to do things
> manually to be sure that they are really going as i want them to), and to get
> open a ppp-connect, one should use (at leasti this is what i believe) pppd. 
> minicom sets up a connection, but only a terminal.
> i'm not sure if you ever got to the point where it asks you username and passw
> with minicom. anyway, what happens after atdt<your isp number>? what does your
> minicom say?

THe annex server that UNC has prompts for username and password.  THen it
gives the prompt UNC-CS-> at which you can type telnet, rlogin, ?, ppp,
hangup, or a few other options.  Under minicom, it gets to the cs->
prompt, so I type ppp, and it says "switching to ppp" then prints a long
string of $*^&*@-type stuff.  When I use another dialer, it prints half a
line of the stuff, then switches.  Minicom does that until it times out.

A friend of ours who has experience might be coming over to help me iron
out the bugs in both pppd and ip masquerading.  (I got the local bit set
up just fine.  The other computer on the network can't get out f the LAN.
Well, he can telnet into my machine and telnet out from there, but that
isn't quite the point of IP masquerading...)



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