[techtalk] TurboLinux Workstation Lite 4.0 install problems

Emily Cartier cartieel at flyernet.udayton.edu
Wed Nov 3 12:11:10 EST 1999

I have a nice little TurboLinux 4.0 CD, so I'm attempting to put it on
my machine. I'm using a floppy with the boot image and the extra
hardware floppy, as my machine refuses to boot from CD-ROM.

My system is a Cyrix-233 with 64 MB of RAM, a 1 gig hard drive, a
Hitachi CDR-7730 CD-ROM drive, a Soundblaster 16 PnP, and an S3 Virge DX
chipset video card. Motherboard is unknown, but if it seems necessary,
I'll dig out its information.

The install program regularly hangs in several places and under several
conditions. TurboLinux calls its kernal image "install" rather than the
more usual "linux", thus the following examples.
1. I fail to use "install hdc=cdrom", and the install hangs upon the
first attempt to read from the CD. The error message here varies, but
the gist is that it failed to read a header, and spits a header number
at me. 
2. I use "install hdc=cdrom", and the install hangs when it tries to set
up packages with the following message "An error occured during the
'Install Packages' step of the install".
3. I use "install hdc=cdrom", and the install hangs after I've selected
the packages I want because it can't read the source tree from the

The CD-ROM is dust free, but appears to have a few areas of visible
pitting. It does not appear to be scratched. Other Linux distributions 
(notably Mandrake 6.0) have similar install problems.

If you guys can't come up with anything, I may be able to get help via a
local users group. There are other CD-ROM drives availible if you think
swapping CD-ROMs might help.


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