[techtalk] VGA/PGA video and monitor?

Cathy James cjames at opensite.com
Wed Nov 3 08:25:11 EST 1999

I've finally obtained all of the pieces I
need to build my new system.  Hooray!

One anomaly did come up while shopping for
a new video cable. (The old one is flaky.)
There were no video cables with a standard
VGA adapter on one end (for the video card)
and a male DB9 on the other end (for my
Nanao F550i multisync monitor).  They
did have a cable with DB9's on both ends,
one male and one female, and they had
what they called a "VGA to PGA converter",
which appears to convert VGA to a DB9
(albeit the wrong gender).

	So, what is PGA?  Is my monitor
a PGA monitor?  Should I get a gender
changer in addition to these cables?

	I *think* I also have RGB connectors
on the back of the monitor, so the other
option would be a VGA to RGB cable, which
they also had (for the steep price of
$32).  Should I return these cables and
go that route instead?

	I don't understand why there is
so much confusion about video cables!

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