[techtalk] Soundcard "stolen" by Quake II

Catie Flick liedra at tig.com.au
Thu Dec 30 10:55:20 EST 1999

On 29 Dec, Nils Philippsen stumbled around in the dark a bit, turned on the light and wrote:

>> I've made sure it's not being used by any other process, but this
>> hasn't solved my problem :(
>> I'm sure it's probably a dodgy sound card driver issue, but I was just
>> wondering if anyone had any ideas for getting it back without rebooting
>> :)
> Hmm, does this work (as root)?
> rmmod cmpci
> modprobe cmpci

Thanks so much, Nils - that worked wonders (I knew it would be nice and
simple like that *grin* :)

 - Catie

<docvin> Remind me of the formula for Johnson noise I had to memorise the
other day.
<docvin> v_rms = 2*( k*T*B*R )^(1/2)
<docvin> Catie, if you don't like that one, I think in the AC case it
becomes "2root(ktBZ)
<WzDD> docvin: is that really the formula for Johnson noise?
<docvin> WzDD: No, actually, I just thought I'd make up a random formula
about rooting Catie, but I got lazy towards the end.

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