[techtalk] JDK2

Robert Kiesling kiesling at localhost.ix.netcom.com
Tue Dec 28 13:45:56 EST 1999

I thought this was significant:

Version 1.2 of the Java Developer's Kit (JDK2) for Linux is available
from http://java.sun.com/ and http://www.blackdown.org/.  The Linux
version was a joint project of Sun and Blackdown Consulting, which
produced the earlier Linux JDK's.  This version is much expanded, and
includes the JavaBeans Developer's Kit, the Swing Java Foundation
Classes (JFC), and lots of demonstration programs.  

The source code is available, but it's licensed under a Sun
Microsystems agreement.

The JDK installs and runs nearly out-of-the-box, so you don't have to 
struggle with CLASSPATH environment variables or incompatible 
libraries as in the earlier versions.

Moreover, the Linux JDK looks like it's almost completely compatible
with the Solaris version.  So that's yet another reason to be 
Java-literate, I suppose.  

And it comes with complete documentation, so you don't have to
buy half of the O'Reilly catalog.  :)


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