[techtalk] Software suggestions?

Sunnanvind dodsangel at himlen.com
Wed Dec 22 05:12:54 EST 1999

On Sun, 19 Dec 1999, T. E. Pickering wrote:
> that'll make kppp run as root without you needing to type the stupid
> password all the time.  sure, it's not as secure, but fine for a home
> dialup machine. 

Oddly enough, when I do run kppp from my user account (after setting u+s), kppp
promts me for my user password?

> netscape, unfortunately, is the best there is now.  opera is supposed
> to be out soon, but i've been hearing that for a while.

They say that it'll be in beta before christmas.
That'd be nice.

> check out sane:  http://www.mostang.com/sane/  it'll let you scan from 
> a standalone xscanimage or even with a gimp plug-in.

Thanks, I'll check that out.

> wait for the port or until something like vmware supports directx.
> wine _might_ do the trick in some cases, but it's pretty hit and miss
> from what i've seen.

Dang. I have a shelfful of games that'll gather dust... maybe I can get the
dos ones running if I'm lucky.
Hjärtan och blomster etc etc

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