[techtalk] Software suggestions?

T. E. Pickering tim at astro.rug.nl
Sun Dec 19 16:43:51 EST 1999

> Anyone know a good ppp-program? I use kppp now which I have to run in a su
> root terminal.

a workaround for kppp is to log in as root and do:

chmod u+s `which kppp`

that'll make kppp run as root without you needing to type the stupid
password all the time.  sure, it's not as secure, but fine for a home
dialup machine. 

> Also, does anyone know a good webbrowser? Preferrably good css
> support.  I love Opera for Windows and am longing for it to be
> ported to X. I'm currently using netscape, kfm and lynx.

netscape, unfortunately, is the best there is now.  opera is supposed
to be out soon, but i've been hearing that for a while.

> Third; how can I use a scanner in linux?

check out sane:  http://www.mostang.com/sane/  it'll let you scan from 
a standalone xscanimage or even with a gimp plug-in.  SCSI scanners
are by far the best bet in terms of support, though a few parallel
port scanners are now supported.  USB scanners are not supported.

> Fourth: Is it at all possible to run dx-games like "Grim Fandango"
> and the new Indy game in linux, or do I have to wait for a port?

wait for the port or until something like vmware supports directx.
wine _might_ do the trick in some cases, but it's pretty hit and miss
from what i've seen.


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