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Kristin Ziel zoop at scc.net
Tue Dec 21 16:59:36 EST 1999

Well..I know that several sites have these books publically available to
browse through them at that site.  I don't know what each site's specific
terms are, but they are still offering the book for sale if you like what
you read in the online edition.

www.informit.com is one of these sites.  I recommend just browsing through
them there if you're not sure about the legal issues :)


> Deb wrote:
> > >Check the copyright and licensing, and if it seems questionable, I
> > >recommend that you do not download the files.  If you have already
> > >downloaded the files, I recommend that you delete them from your
> > >system if they seem to be of questionable legality.
> Kelly wrote: 
> > Actually, you're under no obligation to delete them if you downloaded
> > them innocently.  The tort is committed by the operator of the site,
> > who is probably looking at a massive copyright lawsuit any moment now.
> Well, one of them is okay: Maximum RPM is actually available from
> the www.rpm.org website :) 
> However, one of the smaller ones (I too am on a slow connection!) 
> has on page 2 a fairly standard copyright notice which says nothing 
> about being able to copy it freely. Some of the books cost about $40 
> at Amazon: if they -are- freely distributable, I'd be absolutely 
> delighted, but I think at least one of the user comments on amazon 
> would have mentioned it. Alas, they didn't. 
> Telsa
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