[techtalk] Linux Books

Telsa Gwynne hobbit at aloss.ukuu.org.uk
Tue Dec 21 21:57:10 EST 1999

Deb wrote:
> >Check the copyright and licensing, and if it seems questionable, I
> >recommend that you do not download the files.  If you have already
> >downloaded the files, I recommend that you delete them from your
> >system if they seem to be of questionable legality.

Kelly wrote: 
> Actually, you're under no obligation to delete them if you downloaded
> them innocently.  The tort is committed by the operator of the site,
> who is probably looking at a massive copyright lawsuit any moment now.

Well, one of them is okay: Maximum RPM is actually available from
the www.rpm.org website :) 

However, one of the smaller ones (I too am on a slow connection!) 
has on page 2 a fairly standard copyright notice which says nothing 
about being able to copy it freely. Some of the books cost about $40 
at Amazon: if they -are- freely distributable, I'd be absolutely 
delighted, but I think at least one of the user comments on amazon 
would have mentioned it. Alas, they didn't. 


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