[techtalk] kernel compilation

Nick Green wossname at mindless.com
Tue Dec 21 14:42:34 EST 1999

Hey, all.  I'm trying to get my linux machine up and running.  (My first
ever using linux, so be gentle. ;)  The biggest stumbling block I'm having
is getting it setup for internet use.  I'm running Mandrake 6.0.  The
does not compile ppp, and as a result, I can't get linux to even test the
modem that I've been able to determine.

I have gone through and remade my kernel through "make xconfig" and done
the make dep, make zImage, and make modules.  I want to do 3 things now that
I don't know how...even though I know that they should be fairly easy things
to figure
out...I can't find it spelled out plainly anywhere.  Anyway, I want to:

1)  load the kernel onto a floppy so I can make sure linux will boot with
the new kernal
2)  backup the old kernal
3)  install the new kernal

Can anyone spell out in plain language how to do this?


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