[techtalk] modules and xconfig

Kelly Lynn Martin kelly at poverty.bloomington.in.us
Mon Dec 20 19:03:14 EST 1999

On Tue, 21 Dec 1999 11:00:21 +1300, Jamie Walker <jj.walker at auckland.ac.nz> said:

>We have machines here booting via network card bootROMs from a Novell
>server, and we need as much as possible in modules so the kernel
>image plus initrd can fit on a floppy-sized image. In our case, the
>limit to kernel size is about 520k or thereabouts.

Is that the size after bzipping?  My current kernel is 422k bzipped,
and I don't have _everything_ moduled out that I possibly could,
although certainly I do have a lot of it...


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