[techtalk] Mounting CD's and Floppies/Using Control Panel

GJS g_jay_s at yahoo.com
Mon Dec 20 14:32:02 EST 1999

I have two problems which may be related to permissions or group
assignments (or both?).

My distro: Mandrake 6.0
My wm: Window Maker 0.53.

1) Mounting CD's and floppies in X from my user account.

I can mount these with the mount tool but not copy from either
or write to the floppy, not even if I su - and try it again. I
can mount both from a wterm but only if I su - first. However, I
still can't write/copy.

The permissions on both the cd and floppy directories are
drwx rwx r-x	owner: root	group: root.

The permissions on the mount command are -rws r-x r-w
owner: root	group: root.

The fstab file is
/dev/fd0   /mnt/floppy   ext2   sync,nosuid,users,noauto,nodev 
0 0
/dev/cdrom   /mnt/floppy   ext2   suid,users,noauto,exec,nodev,
ro 0 0

The floppy also had "unhide." I was getting the message "unknown
command" until I removed it.

2) I can't get at the control-panel tools from my user account.
The su - from a wterm works, but if I try to open any of the
tools (for example, printtool) I get "only root can do that."

I've been trying different combinations of permissions and
groups and have had no success (and if one more howto says,
"just add 'user' to fstab and it will work" I'm going to
strangle the next penguin I see. :-> )


Glen Strom
g_jay_s at yahoo.com
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