[techtalk] USB Camera and IRQs

Malcolm Tredinnick malcolmt at smart.net.au
Mon Dec 20 22:08:32 EST 1999

On Mon, Dec 20, 1999 at 02:41:22PM -0800, Tech Docs wrote:
> Folks
> Is there any way to make Intel USB Camera work on Linux? Linux refuses to
> even identify my USB. I am sure, I am messing up somewhere.

My understanding is that USB was still in the "moderately experimental"
department, at least. There were some patches against the 2.2 kernels to get
USB keyboards and mice to work and they work quite well, from what I remember.
The latest information I can conveniently find is a couple of months old, but
still: http://kt.linuxcare.com/kt19990927_36.html#18 (it's a Kernel-Traffic
summary, which contains a link to the original thread in the linux-kernel

> Another problem is the IRQ and IO Port clash. Any ways to customize the IO
> ports an IRQs on Linux, like specifying the range manually? When I try
> playing sound, I get this message "Port-IRQ already in use" and system hangs
> after that!
> How do I check what resources each device is using on Linux?

Look in /proc/interrupts and /proc/ioports (/proc is your friend :-) ).  These
things can be tuned -- either by altering some jumper switches on the sound
card (is it's not Plug-n-Play) or by passing some instructions to modprobe (if
sound is modular) or isapnp (for PnP cards) or both!

If you want more help here, I, at least, am going to need more information ...
my ouigi board is broken at the moment.

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