[techtalk] USB Camera and IRQs

coder coderman at mindspring.com
Mon Dec 20 17:32:54 EST 1999

Tech Docs wrote:
> Is there any way to make Intel USB Camera work on Linux? Linux refuses to
> even identify my USB. I am sure, I am messing up somewhere.
> How do I check what resources each device is using on Linux?

To list IRQ's and io ports in use try:
cat /proc/interrupts  (IRQ's)
cat /proc/ioports

There is a way to specify ranges to devices, usually with arguments to
the drivers via /etc/modules.conf or boot params.  There is also a way
to exclude IO ports and IRQ's when autoloading modules, but I forget
where this is done..  (perhaps im confusing this with something else..)

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