[techtalk] Re: DVD-ROM on Linux? (legal implications) WHOOPS! COREX!!!

Steve Kudlak chromexa at ovis.net
Sun Dec 19 08:05:20 EST 1999

Steve Kudlak wrote:

> There are several books that I have written from the "Intellectual Property

Arggh this should have said: "read" and I wrote an Internal Report big enough to
be a book which is under non disclosure (still)....Whoops and I though I proofed
(as in proof read) this twice. Sigh.

<snip blah...blah...blah>

> Owners" point of view and they cover all of this stuff. Like if one has
> "intellectual property" like an algorithm, the old thing was to put it into
> hardware.

So sorry...Anyway if anyone wants I could go on about patents, trade secrets and
the like. But it seems this is not really the place to do it. Except to say the
"reverse engineering" thing is why hardware gets hidden by black epoxy sometimes.

Have Fun,
Sends Steve

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