[techtalk] Re: DVD-ROM on Linux?

coder coderman at mindspring.com
Sun Dec 19 05:31:59 EST 1999

Kelly Lynn Martin wrote:
> Is that legal, though?  What's the terms on software implementations
> of the decoding algorithm?

Well, i spose the crack itself is illegal to distribute (software to
circumvent copyright protection mechanism are illegal last time I
checked), however, if you are not distributing the decoded audio/video
or playing pirated videos then you *should* be fine.  Not to mention
that fact that the DVD consortium will never decide to break down your
d00r and scan for dvd software decoders.  

In short, im not sure about all of the legality issues.  The software
decoders are widely available, and if your not actively disseminating
copyrighted videos and such, i dont think it matters should it be
illegal at all.

This is one of those copyright issues which I think should be done away
with..  Its pointless for the DVD industry to try and protect their
video with cyphers, as this can all be cracked.  Its just a matter of
effort.  And the fact that this deprives most non windoze OS users the
features of their DVD hardware only compounds this fact.


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