[techtalk] not 8 bit clean?

Cynthia Dale silly at redhat.com
Sat Dec 18 20:41:09 EST 1999

This is from the HOWTO (which is a bit old -sigh-):
  18.3.1.  You are not correctly logging into the server

  When your chat script completes, pppd starts on your PC. However, if
  you have not completed the log in process to the server (including
  sending any command required to start PPP  on the server), PPP will
  not start.

  So, the lcp packets are reflected and you receive this error.

  You need to carefully check and correct (if necessary) your chat
  script (see above).

  18.3.2.  You are not starting PPP on the server

  Some PPP servers require you to enter a command and/or a RETURN after
  completing the log in process before the remote end starts ppp.

  Check your chat script (see above).

  If you log in manually and find you need to send a RETURN after this
  to start PPP, simply add a blank expect/send pair to the end of your
  chat script (an empty send string actually sends a RETURN).

  18.3.3.  The remote PPP process is slow to start

  This one is a bit tricksy!

  By default, your Linux pppd is compiled to send a maximum of 10 lcp
  configuration requests. If the server is a bit slow to start up, all
  10 such requests can be sent before the remote PPP is ready to receive

  On your machine, pppd sees all 10 requests reflected back (with the
  8th bit stripped) and exits.
 There are two ways round this:-

  Add lcp-max-configure 30 to your ppp options. This increases the
  maximum number of lcp configure packets pppd sends before giving up.
  For really slow server, you may need even more than this.

  Alternatively, you can get a bit tricksy in return. You may have
  noticed that when you logged in by hand to the PPP server and PPP
  started there, the first character of the ppp garbage that appears was
  always the tilde character (~).

  Using this knowledge we can add a new expect/send pair to the end of
  the chat script which expects a tilde and sends nothing. This would
  look like:-

  \~      ''

  Note: as the tilde character has a special meaning in the shell, it
  must be escaped (and hence the leading backslash).

But I used to work with Robert and he said that most of the time, the
problem is on the ISP's end...

On Sat, 18 Dec 1999, Jeff Dike wrote:

> > > My ppp log shows that all 7 bits set to zero not 8 bit clean, is there
> > > any way to resolve this?
> > It's often a problem with the ISP, I don't remember what the exact
> > cause is.  So it's not your problem, unless you've also changed
> > something  in the ppp configuration.  
> > It goes without saying that you probably don't get a IP address on
> > connecting... if the problem persists more than a few hours, I try to
> > get them on the phone. 
> I get this occasionally.  It's always a problem at the ISP end of things.  
> Retrying eventually gets me a good connection.
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