[techtalk] not 8 bit clean?

Jeff Dike jdike at karaya.com
Sat Dec 18 23:07:34 EST 1999

> > My ppp log shows that all 7 bits set to zero not 8 bit clean, is there
> > any way to resolve this?

> It's often a problem with the ISP, I don't remember what the exact
> cause is.  So it's not your problem, unless you've also changed
> something  in the ppp configuration.  

> It goes without saying that you probably don't get a IP address on
> connecting... if the problem persists more than a few hours, I try to
> get them on the phone. 

I get this occasionally.  It's always a problem at the ISP end of things.  
Retrying eventually gets me a good connection.


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