[techtalk] dosemu and KDE

Cathy James cjames at opensite.com
Thu Dec 16 08:56:18 EST 1999

Last night I attempted to use dosemu on OpenLinux 2.2
for the first time.  Typing "dos" gives me a DOS window,
but it isn't running DOS -- it's running some weird kind
of cut-down DR-DOS 7.03, and it can't see my FAT32
drives, even though they are mounted in Linux.  A
documentation file was referenced, but doing a find
in the / directory showed that this file doesn't exist.

Should I just download dosemu from the net and reinstall
it?  Caldera did a really sloppy job on this one.  Referencing
documentation files, but not installing them -- geez!

On a different note, KDE is running well now that I
am using the framebuffer video driver.  However, when I
open a shell it is _not_ running tcsh, even though this
is designated my default shell in /etc/passwd.  What
do I have to do to make all of my KDE shells use tcsh?
More generally, is there a document I should read that
will walk me through the ins and outs of KDE?  I'm
surprised that it gets in the way of the window manager
and shell like this.

	--Cathy James

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