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Sunnanvind dodsangel at himlen.com
Thu Dec 16 00:58:45 EST 1999

At 10:49 1999-12-15 -0000, you wrote:
>We should pick a preffered "community computing" project and ask people to
join that. Either this, seti at home, the RSA/DES thingy or whatever. I can
probably get a dozen or so machines working on whatever, but if we spread
the workload around too thinly then we won't earn as wuch kudos for it ;-)

Can't we have like, one team on distributed.net, one team on seti at home, one
team on this, one team on whatever and so on, so people could be on
whichever they preferred but still be on the linuxchix team?

"I went forth in armored frame, but of fear the arm was cast, and of
shame." - Karin Boye

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