[techtalk] Re: Inexpensive Linux Machines

Kristina kristina at dataengines.com
Wed Dec 15 11:01:54 EST 1999

Amanda Owens wrote:

> Is there a list of online Linux-box retailers on the net anywhere? Or
> should we compile one? I'm sure it'd be useful for folks interested in
> trying it out - and it seems to me that if someone can buy a system
> pre-installed that they know will work, then they're more apt to try
> Linux out in the first place.

I got a couple boxen at http://www.buypogo.com/.  They come with
Linux (Redhat, I think) preinstalled, and have pretty good prices.
You can even get dual-boot Windows for those die-hard gamers for an
extra $100 USD.  The only think about them is that you'll need to go
in and securify them a bit, since every service known to man is running
out of the box.  


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