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jamiew at clear.net.nz jamiew at clear.net.nz
Thu Dec 16 08:34:13 EST 1999

Tech Docs wrote:

> newbie here. What is the best network monitor and sniffer tool for Linux. I
> am using Linux on my ibm thinkpad i series running on pentium 266 and 128 mb
> ram. i would like to realize the power of linux in network monitoring,
> bandwidth analysis and sniffers. where do i start? i am quite familiar with
> solaris and good in networking as such.

tcpdump is a sniffing tool that should be supplied with most distros,
and Ethereal is an *excellent* front end to it which you should be able
to find from a search on freshmeat.net.

You might also look at Cheops (it displays a graphical map of your
network) and Nessus (does security scans for various denial of service
attacks - very good for seeing how secure your machines are :-) ).

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