[techtalk] XFree86 on a Neomagic 256ZX LT

Ian Phillips ianp at tibco.com
Wed Dec 15 10:51:50 EST 1999

Hi all,

I'm trying to get Redhat 6.1 installed on my new company laptop and I'm having problems with getting X up and running correctly. The OS install wen't fine (I used the text based option), but I can't get X to work at a useable resolution. Running Xconfigurator it appears to detect the chip set "correctly" as a Neomagic 256ZX, and goes through all the rest of it's stuff fine, but when it comes to test it, and in fact any time it comes to run X (startx at the CLI, for e.g.) it starts up but then appears to switch down to a very low resolution, 320x240 by the look of it, _and_ it does this by just showing the center of the frame, as if I was running a large virtual desktop through a small viewport, but without the ability to scroll!

I know this chipset isn't fully supported by XFree86 yet, but it _is_ possible to get the display running in 640x480, I know, because XF86Setup does this, but then fails to generate a working config file.

Does anybody know what the "generic" CF86Config is that XF86Setup uses, I can get by for now by just copying that into place and seting up the server links by hand. 


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