[techtalk] winmodem sound driver and COREL linux

Steve Kudlak chromexa at ovis.net
Tue Dec 14 18:56:10 EST 1999

Caitlyn Martin wrote:

> Hi, Theresa,
> >
> > Thanks for the response, guess I might reconsider this group after I can
> afford to
> > upgrade?
> Not at all.  You are welcome here.  You asked a bunch of techies about a
> particular technology, and we gave you our honest opinion is all that
> happened.
> Keep after the pricewatch folks.  Threaten to post you experiences on your
> web page, on Slashdot, on any place that will post your story.  It's amazing
> how many companies want to avoid bad press and will do something to satisfy
> you, or at least, to putit crudely and how they would see it, shut you up.
> The fact that you are not seeing a slowdown now doesn't mean you won't see
> one later when you are stressing your system by doing more at once.
> Good luck!
> Caity
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I see nothing untoward happening. I don't see anything wrong, and you have done
nothing my snits.:) Anyway, since I am one those who wants to fix problems
before they happen, it is nice to see discussion of things. ANd in detail too.
So I am of the opinion that little is too weird to ask.

Like for PC Mags seem to rate COREL'S linux highly, but mention it is full of
missing apps. They don't tell one which apps it is missing, what it won't do.
Like will it dual boot, connect to your ISP, and all that. What is support like.
Well if it is anything like COREL DRAW support I would be cheered.

Redhat is always kind of reccommended as the sort of linux for those who
moderately know what they are doing. So I guess I do. I am nowhere as up to
speed as people here, and when someone who has a problem I think less of hacking
and more of "did they do what friends did in error...what I almost did!" So I
say ask and post away. So I would like to know about all these things.

Thanks and Have Fun,
Sends Steve

P.S. Who almost always sez: "ask away!"

techtalk at linuxchix.org   http://www.linuxchix.org

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