[techtalk] truncated file names

Jeff Dike jdike at karaya.com
Tue Dec 14 18:47:32 EST 1999

> I am sure I chose a wrong option someplace along the way because now
> my long file names are truncated. 

Is this doing 'ls' on a windows filesystem?

If so, I don't see how it's related to the new kernel.  That's (in my 
experience) controlled by how you mount it.  If it's mounted as an msdos 
filesystem, try mounting as vfat instead.

But, I think you mean something different, since the funky windows crunching 
of long names down to dos 8+3 isn't usually called truncation.

So, if what I said above is hogwash, then we need to know how you are seeing 
the filenames (eg 'ls' or some kind of file drowser), and an example or two of 
the truncation.


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