[techtalk] winmodem sound driver

Chris J/#6 sixie at nccnet.co.uk
Tue Dec 14 19:31:16 EST 1999

> A real waste of processor cycles?? How so?? you make it sound as if 
> running a driver for a winmodem is not a good thing to do, could you
> please explain?

As Kelly has said, many winmodem's don't have a DSP...if you've not seen the 
maths for DSP, then you're lucky :) DSP can get *very* scary and very 
involved. For modem work it isn't too bad, but it's still a fair chunk. Most 
DSP on computers is done through FFT's (fast fourier transforms) - which 
essentially is how to do Fourier Transforms with matrices.

Off-loading the DSP onto the CPU probably isn't a good thing - I defeinately 
wouldn't want to do it on anything that is a critical system, especially 
time-critical - though it is perfectly feasiable to do it.

For Winnmodem's on Linux though, some information can be found at 


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