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Lighthouse Keeper in the Desert Sun ccovingt at one-eyed-alien.net
Tue Dec 14 09:21:50 EST 1999

Okay, it was definitely a hack, but not an interesting one at all.  What I
did was a full reinstall with reformat and everything, after tarring my
home directory on storing it on my bf;s Mac.  I saved a few other
inportanat files that I didn't feel like recreating (rc.local and
rc.firewall come to mind).  All was good, until I rebooted after install,
and it took over a minute to start syslog.  (I should mention that I'm
using RedHat 6.)   Eventually it started.  So I logged in, added a couple
users, and went to Xconfigurator.  I gave it all the info it asked foor,
and it did the little probe thing it does,a nd it worked fine.  So I went
back and told it to startx.  It sat for a few minutes creating
.Xauthority, then when it finally changed the monitor frequency to run X,
it froze the entire I/O.  Ctrl-Alt-Backspace didn't kill the server; I
couldn't switcj to a tty; I couldn't do anything except push the power
button.  (I know... bad.  But fsck recovered nicely.)  It did this about 3
times before i gave up.
Any ideas as to what would cause this?  When I installed, I told it to
install X and all things related to it.  (I like enlightenment/Gnome.
Really, I do.  I have the E update in the tar of my home directory, and I
should have the kernel update from a few months ago, too.)
not having a good computer week.

Since they're all rude, Hi, I'm Neil.



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