[techtalk] winmodem sound driver

Theresa Radke theresa at corelcity.com
Tue Dec 14 02:35:12 EST 1999

I know, so was I, I bought this system from the linux systems section on pricewatch.com.  Only to find that while it shipped with RH 6.0, hardly any of the hardware was linux compatable.

I got a good price so have been struggling with slapping old hard ware I've got hanging around.

Last night out of sheer frustration I went to PC-chips website and reamed them out....

Today in my email a .o file :-)

I don't want to downgrade, as a matter of fact I just upgraded to 2.2.13 tonight, (what a rush to sucessfully recompile the kernel)  So I really don't want to downgrade.

Thanks for the reply, I'll keep you posted

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