[techtalk] RE: samba question

Yvonne J. Beever lemur at austintx.com
Mon Dec 13 23:45:20 EST 1999

> First thing, before you assume something is wrong -- try doing a
> "Find" on
> that computer.  I've found that Windows 95 (and 98) do weird things
> and
> don't show up in Network Neighborhood -- often for days.

While I couldn't "see" the servers in Network Neighborhood, I still had
a drive
to each machine mapped, and could get to them--however, today, I can't--
an access error.  And I did put in my userid and password in Windows...

> you're logging onto the PDC). Missed your first posting of the
> question, so what version of samba are you running? What does
> your smb.conf look like? Did you accidentally tell samba not to
> announce to the master browser?

Don't know the version, will have to check that. I presume it's the
version that
came with Red Hat 6.0. I'll have to grab a copy of the smb.conf
I haven't done anything to it--I'm the web admin, but they haven't given
root permission. (I plan to attempt to load Linux on the server at my
tomorrow to play with it myself). My boss was running a diagnostic on it
I found on the web, but he hadn't figured out the problem yet.


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