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> I have a question...
> I have a compaq presario laptop, which came with a dvd player, and the
> copy of windows + programs (junk) that comes with it, the "clean install"
> is un*stable, so I had to buy (piss me off) a copy of Windows 98 to
> install on it without the otehr crap, and download the drivers.  But,
> contrary to what I had thought, Win 98 doesn't have a player for DVD and
> I have no idea where to get one.  I did find one on the internet for
> 49.99 but I really don't want to pay that kind of money to watch dvds on
> my laptop when technically I already own a copy of a player, but you
> can't individually install the programs, so either I'm stuck or I need to
> find a player...
> tia
> Dianna

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