[techtalk] Samba question

Stephan Zaniolo eaglefeather at mindspring.com
Mon Dec 13 23:12:19 EST 1999

	You might want to check in the Win95 Network properties that Client for MS
Networks, TCP/IP, and NetBEUI, and your ethernet adapter are all listed
under Network - Configuration and you might need to Primary Network Logon
as Client for MS Networks.  Also, if you haven't checked it out, try the
Samba Server Step-by-Step guide at:


Hope this helps,


> On 12/13/99 at 3:42 PM Yvonne wrote:
>We did have Samba running and it was working through NT, but not Win95.
>We're using Red Hat Linux 6.0.
>Now, it seems we can't see either of our Linux servers through Network
>What can I check to see what's wrong?
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