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Your smb.conf file would probably help a bit. However I've noticed 
that windows 9X tends to not "see" network machines at times, 
and continues to no notice them. But to be certain that it's not 
win9x misbehaving (as usual), check if you can browse the linux 
box from the NT machine that you're going through (assuming 
you're logging onto the PDC). Missed your first posting of the 
question, so what version of samba are you running? What does 
your smb.conf look like? Did you accidentally tell samba not to 
announce to the master browser?
So many variables, so little whiskey...  :/   ];)

> First thing, before you assume something is wrong -- try doing a "Find" on
> that computer.  I've found that Windows 95 (and 98) do weird things and
> don't show up in Network Neighborhood -- often for days.
> The next thing -- is did you put in a userid and password when you went
> into Windows?
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> On 12/13/99 at 3:42 PM Yvonne wrote:
> >We did have Samba running and it was working through NT, but not Win95.
> >We're using Red Hat Linux 6.0.
> >Now, it seems we can't see either of our Linux servers through Network
> >Neighborhood.
> >What can I check to see what's wrong?
> >
> >Thanks,
> >yvonne
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