[techtalk] Broad techtalk question...Image processing and Digital Cameras

T. E. Pickering tim at astro.rug.nl
Fri Dec 10 11:13:47 EST 1999

> Has anyone interfaced any sort of digital camera to linux. Are there
> pre-written drivers written, or is that a write your own sort of
> thing. Any info would be appreciated, or experiences. Either using
> the serial or the USB port.

i have an epson photopc 600 that interfaces fine with linux either
through the compactflash card + pcmcia adapter or through the serial
cable using the photopc package (don't have the URL handy, but a
search on google should turn it up).  the photopc package is all
command-line driven which lends itself nicely to writing scripts for
remotely controlling the camera.  there are other digicam packages
like gphoto and jcam for linux, but i haven't messed with them at

if you have a laptop, things are pretty easy.  compactflash cards i
know work with their pcmcia adapter (which is dirt cheap; mine was
free when i bought my 16 MB card) and show up as IDE drives.
smartmedia cards i think work the same way, but i'm not positive, and
their pcmcia adapters are more expensive (~$70 or so).  


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