[techtalk] NIC Question - H E L P!

Wendt,Andrew awendt at neo.rr.com
Thu Dec 9 17:22:48 EST 1999

On Thu, 09 Dec 1999, you wrote:

>The computer has two NICs in it, one ISA, the other PCI. Linux sees 
>one, but not the other. Of course, it doesn't see the one that the 
>cable modem is plugged into (ISA). And with MediaOne, they need the 
>MAC address of the card at their end in order to make it all work, so 
>I can't just plug the cable modem into the other one.

I have found the Multiple Ethercard mini-howto to be useful in the past:

I believe Linux will not probe for an ISA network card after it's already
found a different network card, and you have to tell it to do so explicitly.

This won't fix your problem if, as you say, you can't even get Linux to
recognise the ISA card on it's own... But if you can get them both working
alone, it might help you get them working together.

>The ISA is PnP *compatible* (as far as the box reads), and according 
>to some stuff I found on the web, should work under Linux. But we 
>couldn't get it to work (alas, we discovered this near the end of the 
>night, and couldn't spend a lot of time on it before I had to take my 
>Linux Advocate (LA) home).

Did you try using isapnptools to enable it? If it's a PnP card, it will
appear dead until it gets `woken up'...

Good luck with it.


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