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T. E. Pickering tim at astro.rug.nl
Thu Dec 9 05:35:46 EST 1999

> By changing the current configuration, I will be loosening the security of
> X windows, but I do need other users to be able to use the same display
> at the same time. How do I accomplish that? What files do I need to change?

the quick and dirty is to invoke "xhost +localhost".  however, that
usually expires after a time.  a more elegant solution is to mess
around with the import and export files in ~/.xauth.  to let anyone's
account work when you su, do:

echo '*' > ~/.xauth/export

to just add specific users, do:

echo 'beavis
butthead' > ~/.xauth/export

see 'man pam_xauth' for more details and examples. 


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