[techtalk] Problems with vi

lilith at paxumbrae.com lilith at paxumbrae.com
Sat Dec 4 17:18:03 EST 1999

I tried the DISPLAY variable since it seemed the simplest solution, and it
worked. :) I had logged out of X before I left the machine, but echo
$DISPLAY still existed.  When I cleared that, I could use vim
remotely while su to other users. 


On Fri, 3 Dec 1999, Laurel Fan wrote:

> Excerpts from linuxchix: 3-Dec-99 Re: [techtalk] Problems wit.. by
> lilith at paxumbrae.com 
> > Thanks, I'll look into that, but I should have mentioned earlier that I am
> > trying to use the text mode of vim. :/ I have vi linked to vim, and I
> > thought to use it as X, I needed to issue xvim instead.
> Strange.  My vim seems to start in text mode by default.  Maybe your
> other users have vi linked to something else?  Have you tried unsetting
> the $DISPLAY environment variable?  Lots of stuff starts in X if it sees
> a $DISPLAY and text if it doesnt.
> Syntax in tcsh or csh is:
>   unsetenv DISPLAY
> not sure what it is on other shells.  Someone else can probably fill
> that in if you need it. 
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