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Laurel Fan lf25+ at andrew.cmu.edu
Fri Dec 3 19:49:52 EST 1999

Excerpts from linuxchix: 3-Dec-99 [techtalk] Problems with vi by
lilith at paxumbrae.com 
> Hi. :)

Hi :)
> I am currently running Slackware 7.0 with vim 5.5
> I am encountering an odd error that when I am remotely connected to my
> computer and su to another user (any user, including root), I get the
> following error message:
> X11 connection rejected because of wrong authentication at Fri Dec  3
> 17:13:43 1999.
> a
> Rejected connection at Fri Dec  3 17:13:43 1999: X11 connection from
> paxumbrae.com port 2804
> X connection to hermes:10.0 broken (explicit kill or server shutdown).

Using ssh?

ssh, or any other secure shell, makes sure that X connections[1]  can
only be made by authorized users.  For example (if paxumbrae is the
remote and hermes is the local, and lilith is your username on both),
when you make the ssh connection from hermes to paxumbrae, the ssh
client assumes that you, lilith at hermes, will allow X connections from
lilith at paxumbrae.  If you su, you are then someoneelse at paxumbrae or even
root at paxumbrae, which X, as run by lilith at hermes, doesn't recognize as
being authorized to make X connections.  The easiest way to fix this is
by doing

  xhost +paxumbrae.com

on the local machine, which allows all X connections from paxumbrae.com.
 If you want to keep your security, use xauth.  It's nontrivial though,
so I'll just tell you to read the manpage.  Alternatively, you could
just use vim in text mode.

[1].  X is actually pretty interesting.  It was from the start designed
to be networked, so pretty much everything is done over sockets.  The
way it works
is you run an X server (slightly confusing term, since this is run on
what is usually considered a "client" machine).  Every program that uses
X is a client, and it connects to the X server.  So, X servers are just
like any other server, such as ftp or web, and can require
authentication.  When and from who authentication is required can be
configured with the xhost and xauth commands.

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