[techtalk] TV card: pics, but only horrible sound

Britta Koch bkoch at rz.uni-osnabrueck.de
Fri Dec 3 20:09:30 EST 1999

This seems to have bounced / disappeared in the void ;)


Since there's about 300 people reading this, I hope someone can either
help me or knows someone who can ... ;)

I have a Debian slink-going-potato (glibc2.1 , gcc etc. are potato,
most of the rest is slink) on my box, and my sound card (a SoundBlaster
16) was working quite happily with the drivers included with the kernel
(compiled by myself, no .deb there!)

Then I got a Liveview Fly Video II card, and the trouble started. I got
it to work without completely crashing my box by upgrading to 2.2.13
and using the bttv driver in that kernel. Unfortunately, the best I
could get in sound was crackling and fizzling vaguely similar to what
people might be saying on TV. In the (xawtv) Sound-FAQ it said to check
mixer settings. When trying to start gmix, it told me that it couldn't
find /dev/mixer. So, the first question is:

#1: How do I compile a mixer for a Soundblaster 16 into the kernel?

OK, someone told me they only got their TV card to work with the alsa
drivers. Got them, compiled the drivers, apt-got the lib and utils
(wouldn't compile), tried gqmpeg - no sound (Yes, I DID unmute the
channels - I also got gamix, but even if I put all channels to highest,
there's nothing!). Tried various things: setting most options that I
had set for the old driver, cat something.au >/dev/dsp... no sound.
Then I tried my TV card again - and I got the same sound(fizzy, crackl
y) as before!!! So, question number 2 is:

#2: How can I hear something when running xawtv when I CAN'T hear
anything with any other app that produces noise?

Can anyone help me? I've got the alsa-mini-howto, but that doesn't help
me much... Anyone know anyone who has had the same problems?

If not, anyone need a TV card? ;)



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